Powder Puff fundraiser aids ailing student


By Kaylyn S. Jones


Vance High is using football to help Madison McVay battle leukemia.

Madison, a freshman who turns 15 on April 10, has been out of school since November. She was diagnosed with leukemia in December.

Vance Executive Class Council members Alasia Chestnut, Anna Adjei, Nadiya Little, and Douglas Reyes organized a football game to raise money and bring awareness to Madison’s situation. A Powder Puff football game among junior and senior girls at Vance will be held at the school football stadium on April 25 at 7 p.m.

From 6-7 p.m. there will be a tailgate where donations can be made and fans can buy food and other items from vendors. sixty percent of proceeds will go to Madison and her family.

Kimberly McVay, Madison’s mom, is excited to know that people are concerned about  Madison and her wellness enough to organize an event to acknowledge and help her. “It feels goo to know that you guys really care about what’s going on with Madison and it feels good to have support from her school and classmates,” McVay said. “These donations will help Madison feel more appreciated and encourage her to do things that will help brighten her day.”

Vance Senior Douglas Reyes, a member of ECC said: “I want this game to set an example of what a positive event at the school can be and set up a template for future ECC members so next year they can have an example of what to follow.”

“Being a part of the Powder Puff game means a lot to me because I get the chance to give to those in their time of need. This game is not only a time to have fun but also a time to come and show support,” said Kara Lawrence, Junior and participant in the event.

Kacie Collins, also a participant in the game, agrees. “I chose to participate in this game not only to enjoy and play with my friends but because we a re raising money for a good cause.” she said.

“It is important to stay connected in your community and know what’s going on in your school,” said ECC member Nadiya Little. “From this event we organized I hope to raise enough money to take a load off Madison’s family so they won’t have to stress over paying medical bills. I also hope to implement a sense of community involvement at Vance. Hopefully the game lets them know that Vance students care about you and you’re not alone in this difficult situation.”

McVay said Madison’s situation has drawn her family closer and encourages to do the same. “To others dealing with a similar situation my  advice for you is to be strong and keep faith, it takes a lot but stay encouraged and in the end you’ll be okay,” she said.

For information on donating to Cougars Crushing Cancer email nadiya.little@yahoo.com



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