Journalism Style Writing Exercise 1

*The following content is not factual. This is an exercise from class to practice writing a news article using the inverted pyramid structure.* 

By Kaylyn S. Jones

Centerville Iowa- An elderly woman and the mayor’s son were instantly killed in car crash Tuesday night in Centerville.

Gladys Parker, 73, and Peter Smith, the 17-year-old son of Mayor John Smith, were both killed in the fatal car crash. Parker was killed instantly when the carload of teens broadsided her car in the middle of an intersection reported Centerville Police Sgt. Wilbur Jansen.

Three teens were rushed to Centerville Hospital with injuries but are in stable condition, reported St. Mary’s spokeswoman Helen Trent. Their names won’t be released because they are minors, she said.

Beer cans were found in the car driven by the male teens said Jansen.

It is uncertain if they had been drinking or if alcohol was even a factor in the crash.


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