4 easy ways to improve struggling writers


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Overtime we have found that small changes can make a huge difference in students’ academic success. There are four small changes that can be made and implemented in students’ lives to enhance the development of writing. Writing can be very intimidating, especially for a student who already feels defeated and incapable of writing on a certain level. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help your developing writers. The first tip is to:

1.     Provide helpful feedback

Feedback plays a significant role in improvement. If the child is unaware that their writing is not up to par then they won’t know that progression is necessary. Feedback and constructive criticism both allow for the students to better see the areas they need to focus on. Always remember that providing feedback both positive and constructive is important in helping students succeed in writing.

2.     Read more

Studies show that the more you read, the better you write. Reading increases critical thinking which is a component needed for writing. “Reading exposes us to other styles, other voices, other forms and genres of writing. Importantly, it exposes us to writing that’s better than our own and helps us to improve,” said Roz Morris, professional writer, editor, and blogger.

3.     Write more

Writing is a skill, and practice is key! To become better at writing or any other task, practice and repetition is fundamental. In order to perfect your craft, you must be willing to take the time to invest in the process. If you have a student who is struggling, take a second out of your day to work with them. Give them a writing prompt daily or weekly. This allows them to continuously practice, which would eventually lead to improvement.

Finally, the last step is to:

4.     Make it interactive and fun

Of course, when dealing with students, fun should be involved. From personal experience students and children thrive best when activities are entertaining, interactive and inclusive. So, next time you work with a child on improving their writing skills, come up with enjoyable games or activities. Get creative! Your child will thank you for it.

Listed above are four simple changes that can have an impact on your students’ writing. You may not notice progression right away but if you try these four tips eventually you will see progress. Writing is a skill that takes time to develop. By including the strategies listed above and encouragement your students will be well on their way as writers.

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