Ugly/Delicate Imperfections

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 Ugly/Delicate Imperfections

Truth is I’m far from perfect, but we all have our flaws.

Over the past few months I noticed a lot about myself and my unique qualities that make me who I am. Although I have my imperfections and weaknesses, those characteristics also have their strong points. This post is not about putting myself down, but a reminder that as I am constantly growing and becoming better, I don’t have to hate or tear myself down during the process. This post is about observation, honesty, and adjustment. It’s about taking those not so great qualities and actively working to become better. So, here we go.


I’m a Communication Studies student, yet I suck at communicating.

I can talk for days, as long as it does not involve me expressing my emotions. I’ve always struggled with expressing my emotions verbally, it’s just easier for me to shut down and not talk. I’ve noticed how unhealthy it is, so I began to write. I write on paper, what I struggle to say.  I may not be able verbally express how I feel, but give me 5 minutes to write it out and you’ll find out everything you need to know.


I don’t adapt well. I stick with what I’m familiar with. This season of my life was extremely hard for me, because of all the changes I have experienced within the past 2 months. Since change makes me so uncomfortable, I fight hard! If I think that things should stay the same, then that’s exactly what I fight for. Adapting to change is a part of life, yes, I know, but it’s also a beautiful thing to have a passion for consistency and fight for what you desire.


I’m selfish! I put my needs and desires before everyone else’s. If it comes down to me and you, I choose me every time!! Eventually I want to become a more selfless person, but it’s a process. But because I have been selfish and invested so much time in myself I have watched my self-worth and happiness increase drastically.

There you have it; these qualities have impacted my life in both negative and positive ways. This post was to showcase the beauty in blemishes.


That 21-year-old, still reconstructing & growing.



2 thoughts on “Ugly/Delicate Imperfections

  1. Girl you mentioned some great pointers. Especially the part about being able to communicate better writing things down, that is so me. We are all a work in process and it’s beauty when you can address it. Keep coming with these beautiful posts! 😊

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