Inspiration Sunday’s: I’m Positioned For Greater

No one likes to stay in the same position without growth or advancement, but we also don’t like being pushed to step out of our comfort zone.

We want growth but we don’t want to be uncomfortable. The will of God does not come to make you comfortable. He comes to stretch you.

  1. God can’t move you into a position of greater until you allow him to grow and stretch you. Your mind must be stretched. God can bless you but if you aren’t mentally prepared to be elevated then you won’t be able to maintain the gift. Your mind must be stretched in order to obtain and maintain what God has for you. 
  2.  You can’t grow if you are still surrounding yourself around things or people who are hindering your growth. Your environment must cater to the essence of WHO YOU ARE. Learn to plug into people who are connected to where you are GOING instead of where you currently are.

God has greater for you but in order to receive it, you must be willing to be stretched. God is trying to expand within you, so you may reach your full potential and receive all that he has for you.



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