What Did Cutting My Hair Mean To Me?

04What did cutting my hair mean to me?

I used hair as a crutch. It was my support. It was confirmation that I was beautiful.

On September 29th, 2017, I decided to do away with it. Yes, I made the decision to cut off my hair. It was something that I’ve always wanted to do. I was frustrated with my 4C mane and how much maintenance it required, and quite frankly I wanted a change. I decided that if I cut my hair and dyed it, it would be “bomb”. So that’s exactly what I did. I had no real vision of what I wanted I just knew that I wanted a new look. So here we go.

I chopped it all off and my first reaction was tears. I looked at Vaughn while driving and instantly burst into tears. What have I just done I thought to myself? I can’t believe I really went through with this. Why did no one talk me out of this? Wow I’m going to have to wear makeup everyday so everyone knows I’m a girl. These were the thoughts that ran through my mind on the drive home. Thank God, I had Vaughn there to give me the support I needed. He reassured me that I was beautiful and had nothing but positive feedback on my new look. His reaction made me feel so much better about the cut.

I said all that to say I cried because this was something new and completely out of my comfort zone. My hair wasn’t super long to begin with but I learned to love my kinky fro, so seeing something contrary of that threw me off my game. I didn’t know how to feel at first because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to wear my weaves. I had to learn to appreciate my natural beauty. I could no longer hide behind society’s perceived beauty ideal, I had to create and live my own. I had to realize that hair didn’t define beauty, and for me to really believe that I had to experience it.

So again, I ask what did cutting my hair mean to me? It meant change, it meant being uncomfortable and it meant owning my beauty. Now here I am, feeling more beautiful than ever and loving the decision I made.



6 thoughts on “What Did Cutting My Hair Mean To Me?

  1. This right here is helping me to make that decision of cutting my hair or changing my style. I’ve had locs for so long, so I don’t remember how I look without them. This was very inspiring and beautiful! 😁

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  2. You my niece have always been beautiful just gorgeous. I’m so extremely happy that you see what I and the rest of the world have always seen. Your outer beauty a match to your inner beauty. This coming from your beautiful fully loc’s auntie lol. Stay beautiful smooches

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